Simmer by Kaitlyn Davis Review (Contains SPOILERS)

SimmerSimmer, the second book in the Midnight Sun series, was amazing! It was definitely a step up from Ignite in terms of how the plot and character development went! If you haven’t read Ignite yet, I suggest you go read it now, since this post contains spoilers! Continue reading “Simmer by Kaitlyn Davis Review (Contains SPOILERS)”

Ignite by Kaitlyn Davis Review

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Ignite, the first book in the Midnight Sun series by Kaitlyn Davis, is about a girl named Kira who discovers that she’s a conduit. A conduit is a human being that evolved to constrain vampires. There are two types of conduits: the punisher and the protector. The punisher is the type of conduit that is only able to kill vampires using their powers. However, the protector is the type of conduit that is only able to use their powers to harm vampires. What’s unique about Kira is that she’s a mixture of both—which is forbidden.

Even though Kira was born in Charleston, South Carolina, she spent most of her life so far at a boarding school in New York. Now for her senior year, she’s back in Charleston. At her high school she first meets Luke, a friendly face who welcomes Kira to the school and introduces her to his friends—Emma, Dave, and Miles. From her new friends (who all stand out because they’re not from the town) she gets oriented at the school just swell. She also learns about the different groups at the school. You have your jocks, nerds, goths, and pretty much everyone in between. Except there’s one group that stands out, and that’s the misfits. They all seem to have an interest in Kira, which she doesn’t understand why. Moreover, her friend Luke has an above average hate against them. Apparently, from what Kira has been told it’s because of an affair between Luke’s ex and Tristan, but Kira is smarter than that and knows that there’s more to it than just that.

Something that I noticed in the book was how fast paced Kira and Tristan’s relationship was. At first, Tristan seemed to avoid Kira and just admire her from afar. However, eventually at one point in the book Tristan is all of a sudden open with how he feels about Kira which is something that was odd since this is all in just a few months. Even though it wasn’t extremely fast as some book relationships are, I felt like Kira and Tristan’s relationship should’ve been something that didn’t get so serious by the end of the book or where Tristan should’ve hinted more at his feelings in the beginning in a consistent manner instead of the way he was being inconsistent at first.

You have two types of supernatural elements here: the one that we’re already familiar with: vampires and one that the author crafted herself: conduits. The romance in this book is satisfying seeing as how there’s a bit of a love triangle feud going on, but Kira does lean more toward one of them in a romantic way so there’s not much confusion. It was a pretty good book overall which is why I’m rating it 4.5 stars. I would’ve gave it a five star rating, but the way Kira and Tristan’s relationship progressed seriously did bother me. Throughout the book, Kira learns a lot. Not only does she learn about being a special conduit, but she also learns more about the town, the people in it, and most importantly about who she is.