Coming Soon

I’m excited to announce that I am coming back to the world of blogging. This time I’ll be back with a few changes to my blog.

First, I don’t think it’s likely you’ll only see book-related posts here anymore. Instead, I’m interested in including more things that I’ve grown to like, things that are a bigger part of my life now. As much as I love reading, unfortunately I’m not doing it 24/7 like I used to in the past. (But I still read books that I won’t put down until the next morning).

However, it’s likely I’ll be starting off with book reviews again, simply because that’s what I’m used to. Over time, you’ll see more and more non-book related posts on topics I think are interesting and are taking up space in my mind at that current moment.

Another thing is that because I feel like I’ve changed since I first started this blog (we’re always changing anyways), I’ll be renaming it. I’m shifting over from Jazzy Cliffhanger to The Cliffhanger. There’s something more ominous about that to me. Cliffhanger can imply lots of things. It works for me because cliffhangers happen in everyday life and what I’ll be writing about is not only about books anymore, but rather parts of my life.

I look forward to sharing with you all.

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