Simmer by Kaitlyn Davis Review (Contains SPOILERS)

SimmerSimmer, the second book in the Midnight Sun series, was amazing! It was definitely a step up from Ignite in terms of how the plot and character development went! If you haven’t read Ignite yet, I suggest you go read it now, since this post contains spoilers!

In Simmer, Kira heads to Sonnyville, FL, home to a town of protector conduits where her family (and Luke’s) are from. In Sonnyville as Kira trains she learns more about how to control her powers. Her relationship with the people of Sonnyville seems to be going back and forth between good and bad. For example, when she would play with the children and let flames dance on her palms, everyone looks at her with admiration. On the other hand, when she would be put in a situation where she has to display an extreme amount of power, the people would look at her in terror as if she’s Godzilla. Slowly throughout the book Kira discovers why her being mixed would worry others. Which in turns causes her to look at herself differently.

Ignite ended with Kira planning to head to Sonnyville with Luke while Tristan would be off hunting Diana. This would naturally make you assume that we won’t be seeing much of Tristan in this book and more of Sonnyville right? However, it’s actually the opposite! Instead of seeing little of Tristan, we don’t really get to experience all of Sonnyville. In the middle of the storyline, Kira is already planning on leaving Sonnyville to go hunt for Diana with Tristan. Although, Luke, of course, ends up tagging along. But, I didn’t mind that because that’s going to lead to amusing interactions between the three of them.

Kira, Tristan, and Luke end up tracking Diana all the way to Baltimore up north. They barely find out information about Diana. All they know is that there’s a big vampire event that’s going to take place and Diana will be part of it. Although, with Kira being determined to find out what Diana knows about her mother, a little information is all she needs.

Kira does end up finding out information about her mother, which does lead to a sort of cliffhanger in terms of what the next exact step is. Nevertheless, the author doesn’t disappoint with this book at all. One of the best things in this book would have to be the character development Kira went through. The reader will be so proud of Kira by the end of this book. Kira realizes how important she is and how valuable her powers are, which in turn makes her change her attitude about how she feels about being a rare mixed conduit. Basically, Kira now has a ‘Forget what everyone else thinks about me’ attitude, which I feel will be something that’s prominent in the next book.

Kira, Luke, and Tristan all interact differently in this book. There was more communication going on with Luke and Kira in this book rather than Tristan and Kira. Although, this could be because of the whole mind reading thing they now have going on. Luke shows more of how he truly feels about Kira. This in turn puts Kira in a situation where she’s not sure what to do about Luke since while he’s not her boyfriend, he does understand her quite more than Tristan ever could. But, there was a point made somewhere in the book about how Tristan and Kira have an understanding connection in terms of being “outcasts”. On the more positive side, Tristan and Luke are friendlier with each other which results in funny dialogue that the reader will love.

I rate this book five stars because I really did love the direction the author went in with this book especially with how much Kira developed. I can’t wait to read the next book, Blaze!

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