Obsidian Discussion by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Contains SPOILERS)


Okay, it can’t just  be me but that ending was really abrupt. If you had the edition that was actually Obsidian in the Lux: Beginnings version, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Usually when you have a single book you kind of know when to expect the ending because of how many pages are left in your ‘turning the page’ hand. In this edition, since I didn’t know how many pages exactly the first book would be, when I turned the page I got, BAM, the acknowledgements page, which was a complete shock to me. I expected there to be another chapter or two to slowly transition to the ending, not the type of ending that Obsidian had.
Daemon and Katy’s relationship kind of infuriates me. As much as Daemon has the smug smart ass look going for him, I wasn’t happy with how he messed with Katy’s feelings in the book. The two most significant situations that come to mind are when he made out with her at first and the last scene they had in the book. Honestly if someone ever did what Daemon did to Katy to me by just leaving abruptly like that I would go to great lengths to not speak to them for a while. He took her feelings for him and just played with it like it was a ball of Play-Doh. When he was done playing, he just put her down and left. Now that I think about it, it reminds me of what Ash said about Daemon thinking of Katy as a shiny new toy.
The last scene also pissed me off. I just kept looking at their interactions throughout the book and felt that Katy could’ve responded more strongly to Daemon. It’s a good thing Katy reacted the way she did to him in this scene. It was about time Katy realized how effed up it is the way Daemon treats her, even though he was just ‘protecting her’ and ‘didn’t really like her at first’. Yeah right. How can you just go from treating someone the way he did for more than 200 pages if you subtract some of the decent scenes they had together and then all of a sudden, at the end of this book, declare you are ‘attracted’ to someone. Even though Daemon has some good qualities, I would not want to meet nor interact with him in real life. He really is a class A jerk.
Probably one of my most favorite things about this book is the little subplot line about Katy and her blog. Those scene were to die for. Her reactions to the people around her about her blog were awesome. Ranging from Dee telling her she likes her blog to Daemon actually freaking watching one of her videos in front of her. If that was me I would have died. I applaud Katy on how she reacted to those moments.
I am confused about Dee and Adam’s relationship. I get that they had an on and off type of thing going on. But, I was confused about how one scene they were at the dance and Dee was upset because Adam didn’t want to be there to the next where they are sitting with each other on the couch all friendly.
In the scene where they were fighting the last Arum standing, I felt like the part where Katy rose up in the air and all was cliche and cheesy. It feels like something I would see in a bad movie. I don’t blame the author for the reason why i felt that way. I just associated that scene with some past movies that have done things like that. This scene felt to me like it was perfectly describing something you would see happen in a movie commercial. Just add some dramatic music and you’ll have a scene from a movie commercial. Although, I really hope the reason as to why she was able to do that is fully explained in the next book because right now it just has my brain reeling about what happened.
I do hope we meet more Luxen in the book. I also wonder if the kids that sat with the Luxen at lunch are also like them. Most likely, but we’ll see anyways.
I got to give credit to this book though for pulling me out of a major reading slump. I just saw it sitting next to me, scanned a couple of pages, saw some funny interactions between Daemon and Katy and finally decided to read it after I finished some schoolwork. Next thing you know, for two days I spend my free time only reading this book. Thank you Jennifer L. Armentrout. This book was exactly what I needed.
I doubt that Daemon’s brother and Bethany are dead. I feel like there was a reason the author wrote in the dialogue between Daemon and Katy that he never saw the body and was not able to in order to have room to write about the possibility of his brother coming back.
I rate this book with four stars because even though I loved how fast paced it was and how I was never able to tear my eyes from it and one page became another, then one chapter became another, and by the moment I realize it I finished the book…I had to deduct a star only because I felt that Katy responses to Daemon’s actions weren’t all that realistic. I feel that she should’ve gave him more of a cold shoulder than she did in the book because of how hot and cold that dude always was. I hope that he cleans up his act in Onyx.
I’m also curious to know what Onyx is referring to. Since Obsidian referred to the fact that it’s what is required to kill the Arum. My best theory is that Onyx is what could be used to killed the Luxen perhaps? Although, then that leaves you to wonder what the sequel to that, Opal, could possibly mean. Maybe you can use Opal to kill both? Seems fitting.

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