Heir of Fire Discussion by Sarah J. Maas (Contains SPOILERS)


This is a discussion post on the events of what happened in the third book of the Throne of Glass series, The Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas. Therefore, there are major SPOILERS ahead. Read at your own risk!

I freaking hate the king so much! Like how could you do that to your own son for goodness sake! Now how the hell are they going to get the darkness out of him? Because Celaena sure can’t just chop off his head like her aunt suggested!

I did not see that coming when her aunt had released Rowan of his blood oath, and it was cute how he was fussing over her when she got hurt. I really hope him and Aelin end up together because I feel like he’s right for her compared to Chaol. Chaol really loved just Celaena, he even said that he found himself unable to accept that ‘dark’ part of her. Rowan however cares for every part of who Aelin/Celaena is. I really hope I see more going on between Rowan and Aelin in the Queen of Shadows.

Though I must admit, I was so happy when Chaol went to get Fleetfoot, because to be honest I totally forget about her.

I love how the book was split into the Heir of Ash and the Heir of Fire.

The Heir of Ash was basically Celaena working up to her full potential as Aelin and being a fire wielder.

The Heir of Fire is her displaying just how powerful she is. Not only that, but in the Heir of Fire she doesn’t carry as much grief as she did in the Heir of Ash. I think the ash part is basically symbolic to how Celaena felt about all of what has happened in the past ten years of her life with her family and friends. It left her feeling like she was nothing but ash. Ash from what used to be of her before everything happened. But then in the Heir of Fire, she finally takes the initiative to take control of her life again. She accepts what has happened to her in her life not only during the time when she was fighting the Valg but you can tell she was serious about accepting her past when she got her tattoos. The way I see it, the Heir of Ash is based on her past.

However, the Heir of Fire is based on her future of what is to come as she finally rises to the throne that’s been waiting for her for over a decade. I noticed that in the Heir of Ash, Celaena’s feelings of grief are heavily described in a way that really makes you feel her pain about the life she has lived so far. I really applaud Sarah J. Maas on being consistent and evoking emotions from the reader when she describes things like Celaena’s grief and pain.

I can’t wait to see what goes down as she learns about what happen to Dorian and Aedion!

Also, with the issue of Dorian coming to mind, I keep thinking about his little brother, Hollin. If Dorian is possessed, would that make the king start putting more of his attention on making a ruler out of Hollin or less as he focuses on using Dorian?

Furthermore, even though the king seems to be the main antagonist at the moment, I wonder who will be the one after him? If Aelin throws the king off his throne and kills him, who will be her next enemy? It could be her aunt but even if she does defeat her too what if… what if the biggest antagonist Aelin faces in the series are the creatures from the other realms? People like the Valg. It seems like it could happen since the king was enough of an idiot to mess with the portals. Also, the part when the Valg said the king is foolish for letting them out makes me wonder what will happen with the rest of them?

Manon is….something else. Or maybe I should say that about the other witches. They’re all so bloodthirsty. And it was crazy how she remembered what happened to her mother at her hand! Although, it seems that compared to the others, Manon could possibly change in the next books. I think that the more she thinks about what the Crochan witch said, the more she’s probably going to do some introspective about what she really wants in life. Especially as she thinks about the part of how they were made to be monsters, not born that way.

Although I’m still thinking about why the men and the meat tasted so weird to Manon. At first I thought it was because they could’ve had the Valg princes in them, but then I decided that wasn’t probably the case, especially because they seem slightly terrified of the witches. I hope what’s going on with that is revealed in the next book.

This along with all the other books in the series is a five star book. What I really admire about Maas is how she is so consistent with describing Celaena’s emotions to the point where you start crying. For me I cried in the Crown of Midnight when she was singing for Nehemia, and in the Heir of Fire when her family and friends were telling her to get up when she was fighting the Valg. That part also reminded me of when in the Throne of Glass, Chaol was telling her to get up when she was fighting Cain.

Not only that, but Sarah J. Maas is good at tying together loose pieces from the previous books. For example, I remember when the tower in the garden was passed off as being really insignificant, especially when Celaena asked Chaol about it and he passed it off as nothing. Then in the Crown of Midnight, it turned out that there was something really off about it and how it seemed to just pulse with something otherworldly when Celaena was exploring around in the catacombs. Now in this book, it turns out that there’s actually three off them, and they’re all responsible for the absence of magic. The story line threaded together beautifully so far! I have no doubt that the next book will be extremely action packed!


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