Red Queen Discussion by Victoria Aveyard (Contains SPOILERS)


In celebration of the sequel, Glass Sword, coming out this week, this is a discussion on the Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard talking about all the fangirl worthy moments on what happened. There are major SPOILERS ahead, so read at your own risk!

First off, who knew Maven could be so cruel! I had my suspicions about him in the beginning, but eventually the plot was getting so good that I completely forgot about any flaws he had. Why is the crown so important to him?! And did it have to be at the cost of losing his own brother and father? I don’t know who has it worse: Cal or Mare. Cal used to have it all; the attention from his father, an army at his disposal, respect. And then Mare had her family, and hope. But, now Cal has completely nothing especially since he was forced to kill his own father. Moreover, any soldier won’t even look at him anymore without feeling anger or disgust. Mare didn’t have much to begin with. The moment she fell into that arena, she lost the ability to make her own choices. Because of who she is, she is forced to either choose between following along with what Elara wants or dying.

I also found it unbelievable that despite all of their plans being exposed (or at least the one’s Mare knew about), they were still standing at the end of the book. I couldn’t believe my eyes at that part! (Speaking of eyes, I know I was not the only one that was happy when Mare spat right on Maven’s eye! He completely deserved that!)

Whenever Mare had her powers taken away by Arven, I was hoping she could’ve still overcome his influence. As this was happening, I kept thinking back to when Julian had told Mare that she, unlike any other Silver, had the ability to produce lighting herself. I kept expecting Mare to miraculously find the might and will to conjure up lightning up from within herself despite Arven’s influence and kick some Silver butt with it. Even though she didn’t do it in this book, I’m still holding onto that theory for when another silent comes along her path.

A part of me feels bad for Maven because all he wanted was to not be the shadow to his brother’s flame. Although, I don’t think what he did to Cal was necessary because obviously Cal didn’t realize his brother felt that way. All of this trouble could’ve been avoided if Maven just talked about his feelings! But no! His mother just has to be evil and manipulate him into being against Cal and their father!

I recommend this book to readers that are into books similar to Shatter Me and Throne of Glass. It reminds me of Shatter Me in the aspect that both she and Juliet have unique powers that makes them different from the rest. Oh and don’t forget the fact that both were romantically involved with brothers. I also think of Throne of Glass when I think about how both characters were in slave like conditions at one point or another.

Now let’s talk about some of the others:

  • Reading this book, I always thought that there was going to be something going on between Mare and Kilorn, but then again he wasn’t really in the book with her that much. I’m still interested in seeing how he will be like in the next book.
  • Looking back, I wished the author mentioned Julian more, because I feel that he was too important to be mentioned so little. It feels like he was only in the book three times, but yet throughout the climax, Mare kept thinking about everything she remembered from her lessons with Julian. I feel that because of the amount of times Mare kept thinking back to Julian’s words, he could’ve had a more prominent appearance in the book.
  • I expected Evangeline to be more evil in this book. I thought she was going to do something like expose Mare or really harm her, but instead it was Mare who kicked her butt at the end in the arena which was a pleasant surprise.
  • I was so happy Shade returned! I had a feeling that he couldn’t be dead because the explanation of his death was too simple. He deserted. He got executed. That’s it. That’s all that was said about his death that had me expecting him to make an appearance sometime in the series. But, I’ll admit, I didn’t expect it to be all the way early at the end of the first book. Then again, it wasn’t much we saw of him, except for the mind blowing fact that he can teleport! I’m excited about the next book because I want to see how Aveyard will try to explain this mutation or whatever it is that had people like Mare and Shade able to have powers despite being Red.
  • Also, I hope we see more of The Panther sometime throughout the series, I feel like she could possibly be one of those characters who is introduced in the beginning as a nobody, but ends up playing a major role sometime in the future of the series.

I wonder what’s going to happen between Cal and Mare! Because starting with the scene in the cells all the way to the end, I keep going back and forth in my mind as to how they’re going to be like. Sometimes it feels like they’re so offended by each other for all the betrayal that went on between them, but yet on the other hand, they have this vibe where it’s like they understand each other in a suggestively deep romantic way. I don’t even know who did a worse crime: Cal or Mare. Cal what he did is that he basically chose his Red-hating father and soldiers against her. However, Mare took advantage of his feelings for her, which must’ve really stung when he found out, and probably confused his feelings about her thinking of whether or not she genuinely has feelings for him. I predict that because of this, a romance aspect is probably not going to have much of a presence in the beginning of the next book. But who knows, after all I did not expect the book to end the way it did. But it was a pleasant surprise.

It was pretty badass when Cal and Mare looked at each other and thought about all of what happened and then Mare is like ‘I will kill Maven’. Although, how could she possibly not think of the same about Elara too? She had a pretty big role in Maven being the way he is. All I’m saying is that this better not turn out to be a Kill Bill type of thing where it takes two installments for her to kill Maven. But, that would be pretty awesome seeing Mare walking around destroying everything and everyone in her path!

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